Our Products

We provide a wide range of business services.

Jagadamba Bio Plants produces G9 and Yelakki banana, which is sold in Ex-agar as well as Hardened form. We use Israel culture and banana mother culture which is handpicked by our professionals. We also produce G9 banana with Jiffy-7C. The Jiffy-7C is based on the proven Jiffy-7 principle of “container and media in one” giving the same logistical advantages. The Jiffy 7c product range is entirely made out of 100% RHP coco substrate providing the plant propagator a superior aerated rooting media. Stringent quality control guarantees that the physical and chemical properties of the coco substrate are just right to provide for an optimum rooting environment.

We provide exclusive contract production of plants, either using protocol supplied by the client or utilizing protocols available in-house for clients from India and Abroad. We also participate in micro-propagation of cultures supplied by the customers & development of commercially viable tissue culture production protocols, if desired by the customer.