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  • Plants are selected from high yielding clones
  • Plants are micro propagated under optimal conditions - Uniform superior planting material.
  • Plants are absolutely free from diseases and pests.
  • Stable plants with well-developed root system and their observation and growing capacity is very high
  • Tissue culture plants enable flexibility in accordance to the planting season and marketing demand
  • Fruit bunches are dense and compact having well shaped fingers for better marketability.
  • Optimal yields are ensured every season following requisite cultural practices.
  • Integration of 3 crops (including two ratoons) from tissue culture with advanced growth ensures highly profitable plantation.
  • Large quantities of plants could be supplied at a time.
  • Quality plants command premium in the market.
  • Production of high yielding quality planting material which is uniformly healthy, disease free and with accelerated growth reduces the crop cycle.
  • True to type (identified to parent) plant production in high volume through mass multiplication within a short time round the year in relatively small space under controlled conditions.
  • Novel plant breeding through cellular and molecular technique for creation of super genotypes of crops.

Important Hints For Banana Cultivation

  • Transplant only tissue culture plants.
  • High density cultivation to accommodate maximum number of plants per unit area.
  • Timely inspection and advice by qualified and experienced horticulturist.
  • Installation of drip irrigation system.
  • Apply liquid / water soluble fertilizers timely through drip irrigation system.
  • Spray pesticides, insecticides and fungicides as preventive measure.
  • Adjust harvesting period for a peak and high perceivable period.
  • Cold storage arrangement is required to enhance marketable price.

What is Tissue Culture ?

The propagation of a plant by using a plant part or single cell or group cell in a test tube under very controlled and hygienic conditions is called "Tissue Culture".

Status in India

Banana is a globally important fruit crop with 97.5 million tones of production. In India it supports the livelihood of millions of people. With total annual production of 16.91 million tons from 490.70 thousand ha, with national average of 33.5 T/ha.

Maharashtra ranks first in production with 60 T/ha. Banana contributes 37% to total fruit production in India. Banana is a major economically important fruit crop. Banana occupies 20% of the area among the total area under crop production in India. Banana is grown by planting suckers.
The technology development in agriculture is very fast, it results in developing Tissue Culture Technique